Pecan Caramel Nice Cream (Vegan, Paleo)

Pecan Caramel Nice Cream. So, a long time ago, I created a pecan caramel ice cream recipe. The original one called for the use of an ice cream make and too had a coconut milk locate. I wanted to make a nice cream version that didn’t are in need of ice cream maker at all. The solution was luscious !!

Pecan Caramel Nice Cream

To make this recipe, all you need is 3 simple parts. I reached the pecan butter on the spot. All you need to do is mix the pecans for less than a instant. Super easy !!

Pecan Caramel Nice Cream

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Pecan Caramel Nice Cream Pecan Caramel Nice Cream photograph shopping list Prep Time 5 minutes Serves 4 adjust dishes

Ingredients 2 frozen bananas, sliced 4 Medjool appointments, soaked for 30 instants 1/2 beaker pecans Instructions

Drain the years and neighbourhood them in a small blender. Blend into a paste. Set aside.

Add the pecans into the blender. Blend into butter. It should make less than a minute.

In a food processor, supplement the frozen sliced bananas. Blend for a minute to transgress them up.

Then contribute the pecan butter and merge for another minute.

Lastly, compute the appointment paste and pulse a few eras so it gets evenly scattered. This is the caramel part of the recipe.

This displays a soft-serve ice cream firmnes. If you prefer a harder, scoopable ice cream, send to a freezer safe receptacle and freeze for about 30 minutes. Enjoy !!

by Melissa King

Recipe Notes

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Pecan Caramel Nice Cream

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