Taziki’s Mediterranean Café Launches New Tomato-Basil Soup and Grilled Pimento Cheese

Taziki's Mediterranean Café Launches New Tomato-Basil Soup and Grilled Pimento Cheese

Savory Soup Favorite Makes Its Way Back to Taziki’s Customers Just in Time for Winter

Taziki's Mediterranean Café Launches New Tomato-Basil Soup and Grilled Pimento CheeseBirmingham, AL( RestaurantNews.com) Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, recently called one of Inc. 5000 ’s fastest growing companies, is wreaking back its well-loved Tomato-Basil Soup with a new savory chum, the Grilled Pimento Cheese.

In Mediterranean fields, basil and tomato is a classic compounding. Just in time for wintertime, the Tomato-Basil Soup is made from scratch, surfaced with feta cheese deteriorates and a scatter of fresh basil. Built for everyone, Taziki’s more state conscious patrons can choose to have their Tomato-Basil Soup with a line-up salad, or simply the soup itself, be used with baked pita.

“The Tomato-Basil Soup was one of our most requested entries to date in 2018, ” said Dan Simpson, CEO, Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe “Those requests procreated it so easy call to bring back, and we’ve improved the soup this year by pairing it with the new Grilled Pimento Cheese.”

Like many good culinary situations, Pimento Cheese has been perfected by the South over the years which realise it a natural fit for the brand-new sandwich. The founder, Keith Richards developed the savory signature recipe with soup nostalgia in mind.

“We know Taziki’s guests love craveable items, ” said Richards, Founder, Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe “I couldn’t imagine anything would pair with Tomato-Basil Soup better than this Southern spin on their own families favorite.”

The Tomato-Basil Soup and Grilled Pimento Cheese are available for a limited time at all Taziki’s locations.

Taziki’s menu is known for its original chef-driven Mediterranean motivated recipes developed daily from more than 100 fresh raise pieces as well as more than 60 herbs and spices flavoring the food; including freshly grilled meat, original sauces and healthy back recipes, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options. Taziki’s does not use fryers or microwaves while preparing snacks for customers.

The restaurant’s website, tazikiscafe.com, plies descriptions of each entree as well as nutritional information.

Taziki's Mediterranean Café Launches New Tomato-Basil Soup and Grilled Pimento Cheese

About Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

Taziki’s is a rapidly expanding symbol, referred one of America’s fastest growing chairmen by Inc. 5000 in the fresh-casual manufacture. Having more than tripled in length since 2011, Taziki’s has more than 88 restaurant orientations, covering across 17 districts nationally. Development projects include building the label in existing marketplaces, as well as entering into brand-new arenas across the country by 2023.

The essence of Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe was determined by providing fresh parts and hand-cut fleshes daily. The Mediterranean force in our refer resonates across our chef-inspired cuisine but is affable for any person, anywhere. We take pride in the made-from-scratch menu that nourishes our purchasers daily and the artisanship that croaks behind doing so without the use of fryers, freezers, or microwaves.

We thrive on the words was contained in our culture compass: attachment, challenge, partnership, details, and fresh. These models are implemented through our mission to create an environment that blends remarkable food with meaningful human joining.

Visit Tazikiscafe.com for more information. Follow affairs and publicities on Twitter- @Tazikis, Instagram- @tazikis and on Facebook- Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe- @TazikisMedCafe.

Contact: Holly Lollar, APR 205-807-3759 holly @thelollargroup. com

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