“Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Here’s the Truth.”

“Steve, why is it so dang tough to lose weight? ”

This is the question that has devoured my intelligence for the last few decades of leading Nerd Fitness.

“Just eat less and move more” is nice in theory…

But “were coming” across as an insult to people who KNOW this, who try their best, and hitherto the scale of assessments exactly doesn’t budge.

As a business owner in the health and fitness industry- who also happens to dislike the health and fitness manufacture- I get to see both sides 😛 TAGEND

A culture full of beings desperately trying to do the right thing and feel better about themselves. An industry designed to prey on dangers, realise you feel terrible, and make your coin. Results? Perhaps not. Firm that try to razzle astonish you with “exciting, new, and innovative” when “boring, time-tested, old school” is what actually runs!

Today, we’re gonna deep dive- Scuba Steve style- into nutrition and why it’s so hard to lose weight, and what you can start to do about it.


I took this painting walking around Manhattan last week 😛 TAGEND

There is some SERIOUS, psychological warfare going on here, and it throbs my soul.

For starters, they advertise as “THE” flat belly tea.

This signifies there are many other business exchanging same makes, which would ALSO precede me to believe this is a rewarding concoction to dump!

They list every fitness buzzword and word every marketer utilizes when it comes to selling health and fitness: gluten free, “removes waste, ” organic, “burn fat, ”

Including some real leader scratchers.

“Strengthen your colon? ”

How the blaze do you strengthen your colon ?!

This reminds me of the bright Saturday Night Live skit about “Colon Blow” cereal 😛 TAGEND

But I grasp digress…

People are buying this nonsense, even if they know it probably won’t work.

Like buying a lottery ticket even when we know the quirkies of triumphing are 0%- what we’re really buying is “hope” 😛 TAGEND

Hope that this will actually toil- unlike the last 10 aims. Hope we can overcome 20 years of bad hand-pickeds with a liquor. Hope that this make will give us the trust and ego love we deserve.

Don’t get me wrong.

“Hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies.”

I only HATE when hope gets weaponized to exchange you expensive snake oil and pretty-packaged fluff.

This is what we are rebelling against here in the NF Rebellion: marketers and companies who are crappy sufficient to prey on our hopes and suspicions and sell snake-oil in a bottle.

We’re too rebelling against that spokesperson in our head that talks down to us, announces us failures for not coming in shape hitherto, and berates us each time we break down and dine a cookie.

I say no more.

Let’s fight fire with flaming science.


There are a few generally accepted truths when it is necessary to weight loss.

All of these are controversial, vary wildly depending on your load and form fat percentage, and will differ from person to person.

Setting all of that digression, I’m going to try and deter things simple-minded precisely to substantiate my point.

Let’s go with an( understandably) oversimplified look at weight loss: a pound of fatty equals around 3,500 calories.

This would mean you’ll need to either dine 3,500 less calories, or burn an additional 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound.

So…how long does it take to burn 3,500 added calories per week?

Let me rebut a few questions with another question:

…How many hours do you have?

Studies present you’ll burn an additional 100 calories when ambling or rolling a mile.

So, you would need to be running/ walking an additional 5 miles per period, 7 days a week, to lose one pound per week.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to run an extra target distance : five miles a period. Nor do I want to.

Not simply that, but as you’ll see below- this idea of really burning an additional 500 calories per period to lose a pound a few weeks only succeeds early on.

You’ll promptly run into hurrying bumps and roadblocks- figurative ones, try to avoid the real ones on your operate- that slow down your progress vastly. Simply applied, rehearsal your route thin has been demonstrated time and time again not to operate 😛 TAGEND

Numerous parties develop increased stomaches as a result of rehearsal, which leads to no weight loss. Time Magazine came in difficulty for timing this out- even though they were right! This 2011 study came to the conclusion, “In overweight and obese people … our results show that isolated aerobic exercise is not an efficient weight loss therapy.” Another study compared people who dieted vs people who only practised: “Body weight decreased by 10% in the diet group and by 9% in the diet-exercise group, but did not decrease in the use group or the self-control group.”

What I’m trying to say, and a lesson we try to passionately understand at Nerd Fitness: “you can’t pass your fork”

…and the bad news isn’t done.


When you start to lose weight, your resting metabolism slows down.

You might think this is some sort of evil sorcery are worth “He Who Must Not Be Referred, ” but unfortunately- it’s exactly 2nd grade math.

When you start to lose weight, there is less of “youve got to”‘ manage.’

In other commands: your metabolism doesn’t have to work as hard to fuel all of your bodily functions, has less weight to carry, and it is therefore will burn significantly fewer calories compared to when you were much bigger.

Here is the daily resting calorie burn( “sit on your ass all day”) of a 35 -year old-fashioned male geek at 3 most varied loads 😛 TAGEND

300 lbs: 2,600 calories. 250 lbs: 2,300 calories. 200 lbs: 2,000 calories.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Unless you adjust your calorie intake as your force increases … your previous calorie intake amount becomes less and less effective at weight loss, until you touch an symmetry.

Put a different way: this person could chew 2,300 calories per date and over meter, lose 50 pounds( from 300 pounds to 250 pounds ), but that’s where he’ll made symmetry: calories burned peers calories consumed.

In order for him to lose the next 50 pounds, he’ll need to decrease his caloric uptake even more, and then STAY at that calorie consumption to keep the force off.

In economic terms, this is called “diminishing negligible returns.”

And then it gets even worse!

There are barrels of anecdotal evidence of a bodily boast called “adaptive thermogenesis.”

Which has nothing to do with the band Genesis- though feel free be interested to hear “Invisible Touch” right now 😛 TAGEND

It might soothe the blow while you learn about “adaptive thermogenesis.”

This term refers to the process in which our organizations will adjust based on how many calories we burn- and do whatever it can to preserve the body fat we have.

Our forms WANT to maintain the extra torso fat “were having”( “I don’t know when I’ll require this, better save” ), and are actively working in unison to preserve it- so even after a few pounds are lost from racing, it’s about to become a prolonged challenge to keep the weight off.

As pointed out in this article above 😛 TAGEND

“In long-term studies of weight-reduced children and adults, 80% -9 0% return to their previous heavines percentiles, while studies of those successful at sustained weight loss been demonstrated that the maintenance of a reduced degree of torso fatness is very likely to ask a lifetime of thorough attention to vitality intake and spending.”

This is why so many people can Lose weight, but can’t seem to keep the weight off.

To Recap:

You can’t exercise your direction to weight loss. Your metabolism slows down when you lose weight. Your mas will try to keep its overweight accumulates. Even when you lose the heavines, your mas wants to keep the fat it has. If you lose weight, you have to keep working on it or you’ll settled the weight back on.

This is all terrible, shameful , no good, very bad news.

I know, I know.

However, there is HOPE!

And now at Nerd Fitness- and in the Star Wars universe- uprisings are built on hope.

We have thousands of success floors from people who thought they couldn’t lose weight…until they did.

People HAVE lost force, and obstructed it off. People who are older, big, have more babes, less money, more maladies, and big rigors than you.

It’s a constant battle, but one that’s perfectly worth fighting.

And this means that you are not break-dance. You don’t have metabolic detriment. You are not doomed. Sure, you’re shortcoming. But so are your protagonists.

You might be playing life on “Legendary” difficulty, but people like you have succeeded.

It starts by using all of the tools at our dumping, because the forces working against us are doing the same.

Let’s get nerdy.

Science IS THE BEST. Adopt IT

YES, it would be awesome if you are able booze a tea, or wrap yourself in plastic, and it would somehow magically build you lose weight or fatty.

YUP, it would be amazing if a 30 time bootcamp class was enough to still allow you to eat junk food all day every day and not gain a pound.

YEAH, it would be amazing if you could take a magic lozenge that overruled the last few decades of damage you’ve done to your body.

It would also be cool if superheroes were real and I could fly.

Well , not like that.

Come on, Aquaman. Beings can see you.


We live in a world-wide of discipline, physics, and thermodynamics.

This means we should ALWAYS look at life through the following lenses 😛 TAGEND

Occam’s Razor: The simplest excuse is PROBABLY the correct one. Law of energy: Energy can’t be created or destroyed, exclusively altered. Reality: If it sounds TOO good to be true, it is likely to is.

Let’s apply this to our waistlines 😛 TAGEND

If we are overweight…

It’s not because we have “toxins” in our person that need to be blushing out.

It’s not because we didn’t devote enough time in the “fat-burning” zone during our “muscle confusion” bootcamp.

It’s not because we picked the incorrect’ overweight burning’ commodity tea.

These are all pseudoscience fus terms to sell commodities, and have no truth to their claims.

Occam’s Razor imposes the simplest mixture is PROBABLY the right one.

So what’s the simple-minded explanation to why we’re overweight?

Every day, we exhaust meat that get transferred to energy.

This food must either 😛 TAGEND

Fuel our bodily functions: fuel our parts, regulate our body temperature, etc. Pass through as consume: pee and poop. Get accumulated as obesity: saved for a rainy day.

If we are overweight, the administration is consuming too much’ energy’ every day. Our figure doesn’t need all of it, so too much is being placed as solid consistently.

Which imparts us to the main point of our nutritional focus 😛 TAGEND

If weight loss is our goal, we must exhaust FEWER calories than we burn on a compatible basis.

By doing so, our figure HAS no choice but to dip into that “rainy day” fund of fatty accumulations to still get all of its bodily exercises done each day.

Do this consistently, and that’s how we end up with a lower quantity on the scale and a smaller pants size.

“Steve I know I should gobble less. It’s doing it frequently that’s the tough character.

Have you tried CAKE ?! ”

Great point.

And yes, cake is awesome.

But we have to start somewhere.

And it starts now: we need to eat fewer calories, but it ALSO has to be sustainable and enjoyable, otherwise we’ll never stick with it.

And temporary changes make temporary decisions. We demand permanent weight loss!

Just saying “eat less” doesn’t factor the crazy biological, physiological, and/ or feelings challenges we face every day:

We might munch when we’re accentuated, depressed, or bored.

We can’t eat time one potato chip without gobbling an part bag.

We absentmindedly grab a handful of Peanut M& M’s when visiting Kevin in Accounting.

Not simply that, but even when we pay attention to what we gobble, studies show that we often underestimate our calorie consumption by 30+%.

Crap. This just deters getting worse!

What’s a smart nerd looks just like you supposed to do in this situation !?

If we KNOW we overeat without recognizing it, and we KNOW curbing calories is tough to stick with long term, then the only path forward is to strike the problem differently.

Not with fit tea.

Nor with figure folds.

Not with “muscle confusion.”

But with science, math, and psychology.


If weight loss is the goal, we need to change our nutrient options to menus that commit us more “bang for our buck”- healthy, satisfying, nutritious menus that crowd us up and utters us less likely to overeat calorie-bomb foods.

These nutrients allow us to feel full, but still keep us under our calorie point for the working day 😛 TAGEND

Protein like meat, fish, eggs, and so on. Fruit like apples, bananas, berries. Veggies like broccoli, Brussels germinates, kale. Quinoa, legumes, oats, rice, and potatoes( in moderation ).

These are menus that take up a lot of seat in our gut and stir us feel full.

Compare this to menus that don’t replenish us up, but are loaded with calories- thus making it very easy to overeat without recognizing it.

High calorie, easy to overeat foods like bread, fries, pasta. Soda and liquids and sugary chocolate beverages. Candy, cookies, crackers, etc.

To truly HAMMER this top dwelling …

As we point out in “Can You Burn Overweight and Build Muscle at the Same Time ?” Here’s what 200 calories look like, thanks to WiseGEEK.

Which ones do you think will become you feel full, and which ones will compile you ingest more than you recognise?

Can you get yourself to stop after 2/3 rds of a bagel or a small handful of pasta?

Of course not!

One more illustration- here’s 200 calories of broccoli 😛 TAGEND

“Steve, that is an illogical amount of Broccoli.”

Yup. It’s also the SAME number of calories as 2/3 rds of a bagel( which doesn’t even involving the calories from the paste cheese or butter ).

Now, it’s slandering to say “You should devour more broccoli and less bagels. There’s yer problem.”

I’m purely pointing this out to emphasize the difference between power( calories) and loudnes.

( Hate broccoli and all veggies? Read this .)

Depending on what the hell are you snack, you could feel “OH SO FULL” after your dinner or “Why am I previously hungry again? NOM NOM NOM.”

Which aims …

If you can start to make even SMALL changes, substituting nutrient-dense, calorically-light foods like protein, outcome, and veggies, for junk food- even occasionally, it’s going to see change the power offset back in the right direction.

You’ll become more likely than not to ingest fewer calories than you burn, moving you beneath your daily equilibrium.

Do that frequently, and you begin to pull from those fat stores.

And we end up the holy grail: sustainable , non-miserable weight loss.

This is actually the secret sauce for ALL popular diets these days.

As we point out in our ” Perfect Diet” article, all the favourite foods get you to eat more REAL menu and less junk food. They time all have their own unique market twirl to realize cookbooks and podcast episodes

Let’s look at each of these nutritions in a nutshell 😛 TAGEND

Paleo: cut off cereals and dairy. Consume merely flesh, veggies, fruit, and nuts Keto: cut out ALL carbs. Consume merely meat, veggies, nuts, and fatty sauces. Intermittent Fasting: cut off an part MEAL every day. Mediterranean Diet: places great importance on REAL foods, with whole grains. Chip out processed foods. Carnivore Diet: Merely chews flesh. Remove everything else.

ANY of the nutritions above will result in weight loss if you solely follow the relevant rules, but not for the above reasons you’d fantasize.

It’s not because we’re designed to eat like cave beings( though we are ), or that our bodies function differently on a Ketogenic Diet( it does ), or even that fasting has abundance of health benefits( it does !).

Those things are like 2% of the reason why they work for weight loss.[ 2% is a statistic I made up to emphasize the smaller importance of any ancillary interest compared to the bigger image]

The other 98%: they shape us more likely than not to ingest fewer calories on average than we typically devour, which will lead to weight loss in the long term … if you can stick with it.

And each diet has rules and guidelines that speak to the specifics of individual people. We have our own 10 -level system at Nerd Fitness that we’re proud of- it supports small changes and goes upshots in a unique behavior.


In my opinion, you should only follow a strict nutrition such as those above IF you can see yourself protruding with it frequently for the next 10 years.

“Steve, that’s melodramatic. Come on.”

That’s what I was going for.

If a diet resounds too restrictive to stick with permanently, then it’s too restrictive for you to devote weeks or months of your life to!

After all, temporary changes equal temporary ensues. You’re better off picking a food that you confidently feel like you can stick with permanently.

Here’s the end goal we’re working towards 😛 TAGEND

Sustainable weight loss and weight maintenance.

A health heavines that you can maintain without feeling disgraceful. Glancing in the mirror and being happy with what the hell are you verify, and knowing that the heavines stands off.

And most importantly, our “normal” behavior that allows us to enjoy life but likewise contact our aim. Not temporary changes. But permanent big accommodations that adjust over period as we start to see results and build momentum.

Sound good?

Let’s get back to basics and start understand better the menu we’re putting into our figures. Cool? Cool.


Conservatively speaking, backbone practice is the greatest thing ever fabricated in the history of the galaxy.

Okay, so perhaps it’s third after electricity and Nintendo.

But I say this to make a point.

There’s a huge difference between “exercise” and concentration improve when it is necessary to form composition.

We cover this in a particularly in-depth form in our “Can I lose weight and construct muscle? ” article- which constitutes one giant Harry Potter allegory that you’ll cherish- but I’ll share the basics right here.

If your goal is consistent, permanent, healthy weight loss and weight handling, 80 -9 0% of the clash is likely to be nutrition,

When it comes to exercise, “youve been” merely have TWO things to focus on 😛 TAGEND

What usage do you enjoy? Good. Do that. Strength instruct as often as you have era for.

I’ll touch on the first one quickly.

When you do exercise you love, you’re giving your heart and figure a good workout. You’re reminding yourself “I am living healthy” and THUS you should be more likely than not to stick with your healthy eating strategy.

Notice I said “exercise you love.” If you hate running, never flow a mile again. Hate going to the gym? Never set foot in one. Hate bootcamps? Me very. Don’t do them.

Instead, proceed rock climbing, or hiking, or do yoga, or swing dancing, or LARPing. Actually, anything that get you off your ass and moving. Cool? Cool.


Your body gatherings differently when you strength improve, in all of the right ways.

We have a entire Strength Training 101 string that can you get you started, but I’ll stimulate your passion with the nerdiest analogy ever below.

You can find study after study after study that shows you the best interests of the strong training for load handling when be included with “calorie restriction.”

Let me explain it now promptly, borrowing from Harry Potter:

( You know, the hotshot .)

At the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when each student arrives they put on the “Sorting Hat ,” an actual hat that specifies which House( radical) that youth will be participating for his time at Hogwarts.

The hat acts almost like a congestion conductor:

“Harry, you will go to Gryffindor! Draco, you will go to Slytherin! ”

Your body operates in a VERY similar fashion: every day, it receives brand-new calories( when you eat ), and it needs to decide what to do with them!

For pattern:

You ingest a large Hawaiian pizza and 20 ounces of Mountain Dew. Your mas has to do SOMETHING with all those calories.

To hinder things simple-minded, let’s look at the 3 most common arises.

It’ll sort those calories into one of three Rooms 😛 TAGEND

A: Burn for Fuel. B: Rebuild Muscle. C: Storage as Fat.

Your body sortings most of those calories into “Burn for Fuel.” There’s a number of calories your figure burns each day really existing: to keep your liver operate, your nature pumping, your mentality operating, and so on- it burns a good dollop of calories precisely continuing the flames on.

Here are two immediate specimen 😛 TAGEND

A 6’, 34 -year age-old male weighing 250 pounds burns 2,300 calories a epoch time by existing. A 5’5”, 40 -year old-fashioned girl weighing 140 pounds burns 1,350 calories a day precisely by existing.

Now, if you don’t do any activity, and you devour MORE calories than the rate you burn every day, the “Sorting Hat” in your form needs to made those calories somewhere!

Where do you think it’ll sort them?

“C: Place as Fat.”

However, your body’s sorting behavior changes when you strong set. Specifically, when you train in a way that really challenges your muscles. This is completely relative to where you are at in their own lives right now 😛 TAGEND

HEAVY weight training might be a 500 lb deadlift or a 5 pound boob writhe. Intense bodyweight practise might be a handstand push-up or a knee push-up.

When you strength drill- by picking up something heavy – your muscles are “broken down” during the exercise itself, and then they rebuild themselves stronger in the course of the coming 24 -4 8 hours.

Guess what happens during those 24 -4 8 hours?

Your person will divert as numerous calories as is practicable to “Rebuild Muscle! ”

It also diverts additional calories to “Burn as Fuel” to handle this increased “muscle rebuilding” activity.

Which makes two amazing things 😛 TAGEND

Your metabolism is revved up for this time period, burning more calories than regular. Rebuilding muscle is a calorie charging pleasure!

There are significantly fewer calories available for “Store as Fat.”


When you ingest fewer calories than your body burns every day, is going to continue backbone improve will justification your body to get even more deft:

Let’s imagine a situation where you’re eating fewer calories than you burn every day 😛 TAGEND

You concentration qualify regularly, and your muscles break down and need to be rebuilt. You don’t expend enough calories compared to how many calories your mas needs to both rebuild muscle and oil itself … So does your person simply shut down?


Your body has been preparing for this, by collecting any extravagance calories over the years in the “Store as Fat” house.

This is the moment your person has been saving up for.

This means your body can draw from “Store as Fat” to make sure all the work still get done, including your daily capacities as a human, and rebuilding the muscle.

This is the trifecta of physical transformation victory 😛 TAGEND

You get stronger and keep the muscle you have. You burn through the overweight you’re trying to rid ourselves of. You’re weakening your person fat percentage and deterring your muscle= review good naked.

This would be a “win-win-win” according to Michael Scott, Regional Manager, Dunder Mifflin Scranton.


If you’re still speaking, then there is hope for you more.

You can do this- but “youve got to be” smart and persevering about it! Stop trying to exercise your course thin, and stop trying to find’ get fit quick’ solutions.

Instead, take this one day at a time. We’re here for you!

We talk about proper nutrition in our large-scale “Healthy Eaters” usher, and we go more in-depth into the specific menus that we recommend, but it starts here 😛 TAGEND

You have to eat fewer calories than you munch now to lose weight, and do so permanently. The best acces to do that is to replace more protein and veggies onto your sheet. Strength grooming will supercharge your results, constructing muscle and burning additional paunch.

Understand you’re overeating, and forgive yourself for doing so- most foods have been designed for “youve got to” overeat!


# 1) Pledge to stop buying snake oil. If you’re not sure, ask yourself “Does this sound more good to be true? ” and “What would Steve do? ”

In addition: stop doing exerts you hate only to lose weight. Pick rehearsal you experience, and employed all of your focus on gradually adjusting your nutrition instead!

Shun the Dark Side and come back to the Light!

# 2) Be deliberate in your decisions. Every calorie countings. Every decision weighs. So constitute ONE different decision of the consequences of you being more well informed what you lay in your body.

Drinking water instead of soda or liquid.

Swapping out a salad for fries once per week. It all counts, but clear your decision deliberate.

You’re a smart person. You know what nutrients is appropriate to provide for daily staples, and what meat should be periodic treats. It all tallies. So meet ONE decision differently to prove to yourself that you can change.

# 3) Educate yourself on the acting size of ONE menu that you ingest regularly. Google it. Find out if what the hell are you THINK is a function and what’s actually in a helping is anywhere closely connected to accurate.

You might be surprised to find out 😛 TAGEND

A perform of pasta is HALF the size of what you commonly munch with your snack. How much peanut butter is considered a performing( clue: it ain’t much ). There are 2.5 functions in that one bottle of Lean Green Machine Naked Juice.

I don’t want you to change the food or the components hitherto. I merely want you to educate yourself on what you’re eating, and equate it to how much you thought you were eating.

# 4) Do a concentration instruct procedure! We have 15 free circuit education chores and our Beginner Bodyweight Routine is super favourite. We too have a whole Strength 101 section streak that get you from “newbie to barbell” rapidly.

While we’re propelling down this rabbit loophole of nutrition, calories, meat, and prosperity, I’d love you to leave a comment below 😛 TAGEND

“What is the biggest question you have around nutrition, fortitude instruct, and weight loss? ”


PS: I know this article handles a LOT, and my hope with it is to arouse, develop, and get you fired up. Nonetheless, you might still be super overwhelmed and lost. I get it!

If that sounds like you, and you’re go looking for professional advice, custom persuasivenes practise procedures just for your place, and professional accountability, check out our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program!

Schedule your free call and tell us your storey! We’d love to hear from you, and we are going to be able decide together if we’re a good is suitable for one another! Simply sounded the image below for greater detail 😛 TAGEND


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