Delicious Cooking Class, Health Lecture, & Macrobiotic Study Opportunity!

Warren Kramer is back in Los Angeles this September! You know how I feel about Warren. He is the real lot, a macrobiotics hotshot who wanders around the country sharing health insight and cooking yummy nutrient. Remember that guest blog about descent readjustments, he wrote it!

His teaches are so inspiring and enjoyable! Experience a communal dinner and find out answers to all the state questions on your head. It’s immense. Come! Plus, if you or anyone you know has been sick, get a consultation with Warren! Specially if we are talking about serious health conditions. Warren is your humanity!

He is in Los Angeles from 9/27 -9/ 30, info on his upcoming phenomena and boosted macrobiotic study opening can be found below!

Public Dinner and Lecture Thursday 9/27 6:30 pm-9pm

Dinner/ Castigate: How to Find Deep, Lasting Satisfaction with Your Food

Contrary to what many people belief, eating well over season is not based on having strong self-restraint, instead it is based on deep comfort. Truly enjoying your meat era to daylight is simply the key to compatible eating and that is something that leads to good health over our lifetime. This is simply one of the most essential talks to really understand why it is to create contentment. $45.00 paid in respect of 9/14, $50 thereafter.

& for the first time in Los Angeles, Warren is offering an Advanced Macrobiotic Study!

Our advanced macrobiotic programs are designed to take your rehearse to another level and prepare you to utilize macrobiotic acquaintance and principles with your families and in their own communities. We are in a epoch where people need solid, accurate advisory opinions and guidance with regard to their health. In this exciting advanced shop we will study how to address many of the most common state concerns that people are facing today as well as simple ways to diagnose the issues. You will have the tools to help other beings return back to balance as well as adjusting your own state.

This workshop includes an undertaking to complete and create with you at the start of the workshop and a 5 time presentation to be given on Sunday.

Advance Program Schedule

Friday, Sept. 28,

6pm-9pm Dinner/ Teach: The Macrobiotic Approach to Healing

Saturday, Sept. 29 th

7-8am Breakfast

8am-12pm Lecture 1: Nutrient as Medicine, Development of Common Health Problems Mid-Morning Break Lecture 2: Common Health Problems, Diagnosis and Treatment Part 1

Stress, weight, headaches, women’s and men’s health publishes, mental health issues, headaches, lethargy, sleep, skin.

12-1pm Lunch

1: 00 -2: 30: Common Health Problems, Part 2 Addiction, arthritis/ sorenes, digestion, dip, memory

Mid-Afternoon Break

3: 00 -5: 30 pm Cooking Class: The Power of Home Remedies Using the Five Transformation we will study how these remedies are expended and why they are so effective

6pm Dinner

Sunday, Sept. 30 th

7: 30 -8: 30 am Morning Tea Question and ask with Warren

8: 30 -9: 30 am Breakfast

9: 30 -1 2:30 Cooking Class: Unique Healing Dishes

12: 30 -1: 30 Lunch

1: 30 -3: 00 Student Presentations

3: 30 -4pm Final Remark and Closing

All snacks are vegan and gluten free. This seminar is for those people who have already investigated macrobiotics for some time with either Warren or other macrobiotic teachers at SHI or KI or David Briscoe and are ready for more advanced learning. Feel free to question Warren if the program is for you.

Special Discount for Advanced Program $ 330.00 paid by 9/14, $365 thereafter

To REGISTER contact Warren: warrenkramer @live. com or Tel: 617 -8 03 -6 957

Warren will be available for individual state consultations from Sept. 27 -3 0.

Please note: For all classes, your remittance hampers your reservation, as infinite is limited.

Class Location for 09/27, 09/28, 09/29: Holy Nativity Episcopal Church, 6700 W. 83 rd Street Westchester( Los Angeles) CA 90045.

Class Location for 09/30: at the dwelling of Danny( can be contacted Warren for address ).

Payments/ checks can be sent to: Warren Kramer, 28 Perthshire Road,# 2, Brighton, MA. 02135

Photo: Dahl House Nutrition

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