Gluten intolerance confirmation bias?

A friend of mine borrowed a vegan diet and cut out sugar and gluten from her diet. Formerly a month or so, she’ll indulge in something that violates these’ powers’ – a piece of food, a sundae, eggs, a burger, etc. – and then feels ill, or gets a headache, or chilled, which she then points to as proof of why she needs to cut those from what she eats.

Is this just evidence bias, research results of re-introducing something the body isn’t to benefit from? Or does she have a object? Before she changed her nutrition, she chewed fairly freely and wasn’t allergic to, intolerant of, or harmed by eating meat/ gluten/ sugar.

This has me wondering – is it in her best interest to make room for a small amount of these and eat them a little more frequently? Would that continue their own bodies used to those and not make it feel appalling when she consequently wants to try something?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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