Recipe | Peach Thyme Syrup for Sodas, Iced Tea & Lemonade

There was a term, many years ago, when I merely sucked soda. Formerly in a while, when I was feeling like I wanted to be healthy, I’d drink liquid very. But not juice juice-the kind of liquid that’s pink and refrigerated and has all sorts of spices and complexions in it, but actual fruit is about tenth on the schedule of parts. I didn’t like the savour of liquid, so I didn’t booze it. Ever. Then I realized the farcical extent of empty calories in soda and I trimmed myself off cold turkey. No more! For several years, I lodge to this but now I imbibe it again once in a great while. You know how every very often, you simply desire a brownie or a chocolate saloon? That’s how I feel about soda now. It’s a plow! Not an everyday happen. I try to buy brands established with natural parts, but my favorite soda is homemade soda. We have a SodaStream, which I adore, but I’m not a big fan of the syrups, which are made with artificial sweeteners and delicacy off to me. So we use the SodaStream to carbonate liquid and I draw my own syrups. Which […]

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