Sweetly Raw – 3 Easy Chocolate Recipes

Hello from a awfully snowy Victoria, BC Canada! I feel like I’m in a blizzard globe right now. I grew up in coldnes, snowy Northwestern Ontario and studied I was escaping that condition when I moved to the coast but apparently its our turn. Do you have snow where you are?

With Valentine’s Day only a few eras away, I only had to share some new recipes – and check out my Instagram @sweetlyraw for many more sentiments for the motive. My feed is all pink desserts right now! These three vegan and gluten free chocolate recipes are ones I enjoy all time around and often have at least one category in my fridge at any given point in time. They’re so easy to see that I beat them up when I’m having a chocolate craving.

So what’s in the line up?

I’ve originated a new RECIPE VIDEO with these 3 easy treats that you’ll be able to whip up easy peasy. I hope you enjoy it!

Chocolate Super Food Cups

Two slightly different versions of a super food meet in a chocolate goblet. The satisfying has a basi of merely 2 ingredients!

Chocolate Nut Clusters

I guess these are one of my all era favourite chocolate discuss because I absolutely adore chocolate with crunchy nuts and some chewy sugared raisins.

Granola Chocolate Bars

A huge direction to ingest granola! Haha. But severely, a entertaining nature to enjoy granola. I have two copies to share with you.

I’ve created a recipe video depicting you step by step how easy they are to form – AND what’s even better is that you don’t truly need an actual recipe. They’re so adaptable that you don’t need any formal measurements.

You can see my recipe video HERE. I hope you’ll check it out. I think it’s my favourite recipe video that I’ve procreated still further – exerting a whole new mode: all done on my iphone!

Let me know what you think. It’s a little bit more relaxed more fun at the same time.

Will you be compiling chocolate considers for Valentine’s Day?

Click the pic below to check my recipe video !

Looking for more healthy Valentine’s Day consider feelings?

Check out THIS POSTwith 10 Valentine’s Day recipes including this raw vegan strawberry cheesecake.

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