The Project – Jurys Inn Liverpool

Why did you decide to refurbish the hotel?

We decided to refurbish the hotel as we wanted to maintain the inns quality standards, keep up to date with the most recent trends and technological innovations and course afford our guests with a modern and welcoming environment.

Jurys Inn Liverpool opened its doorways 10 years ago and we felt It was time to give the inn a fresh new look. Refurbishing the hotel is also an opportunity for us to allure new business in both the rest and corporate markets.

Did the inn remains open during that time?

Yes, the hotel remained open while the refurbishment was taking place. We’re always careful to stimulate minimal disruption to clients whilst improvements are carried out. The lengthy renovation to the inn was the case in a number of theatres over a number of months to ensure that all clients could experience the facilities to their fullest during this time.

Was there a main theme or layout that you have selected as the basis of the redesign?

The refurbishment has totally transformed Jurys Inn Liverpool’s bedrooms and public openings. The seeing was to create a haven of soft and heated furnishings, devoting a really comfortable feel, whilst impeding the borders sophisticated. Within the lobby, we have opted for stylish upholstery in off-color and tan which creates a chic but relaxed effect offering clients beautiful and spacious break-out areas.

Did you have a hand in any of the design preferences for the renovation?

I became general manager of Jurys Inn Liverpool in October 2017 and the specific characteristics had already been agreed at that point.

Were there any substantial changes to the owned? Substantial adds-on or the shattering of outdated offices, for example?

The entire hotel is totally unrecognisable from before. All of the bedrooms received brand new fixtures, accessories, furniture and a new colour scheme with the additive of the Dream bed by Jurys Inn, designed exclusive for us by King Koil with eventual convenience in spirit. We also introduced new ministerial bedrooms and three collections as part of the bedroom renovation. These all feature super king beds, a mini fridge with refreshments and snacks, full Sky TV package and remarkable positions of the city including the contiguous Echo Arena, Liverpool Wheel and Albert Dock.

What were the challenges the team had to overcome to manage clients during the construction?

Our customer service is paramount at all periods, and finagling a overhaul process whilst be conducted in conformity with guest hopes can be difficult. It was all about knowing a balance. We had to ensure that we had meat and beverage and our breast desk open and available to guests while part was ongoing. In the foyer neighbourhood, we tried to ensure that elements were completed in stages as to report to all at once.

It was also pertinent to ensure we disseminated the renovation items with our guests. We displayed imagery of the new look hotel in the vestibule arena and bedrooms so guests could foresee the end results.

Can you give me a more detailed description of what exactly has been refurbished in the dimension?

We’ve launched a stunning new look at Jurys Inn Liverpool, with all areas of the hotel is totally refurbished including all 310 bedrooms, disallow and eatery and 10 meeting rooms for the purposes of the PS3. 7m financing. Most excitingly, the renovation also included the additive of an exciting new dining ordeal- Oddsocks Bar& Kitchen Liverpool, following in the steps of our Manchester, Cardiff and Brighton Oddsocks restaurants.

Have there been any technological additives to the belonging? Smart Tvs, AI?

All 310 bedrooms including our executive bedrooms and three collections feature flat screen TVs with Freeview, an ergonomic drudgery neighbourhood, as well as complimentary high-speed WiFi. We have introduced a new connectivity locality to our lobby that yields our guests a situate to plug in their laptops and phones and exertion remotely.

How long did the process make? Was there a lengthy planning and pattern period as well?

The refurbishment took place in a number of periods; the bedrooms were completed In February 2016 and the public orbit refurbishment was completed December 2017.

Who handled the construction?

Edgewater Contracts were commissioned to lead the refurbishment project.

What has the reaction to the renovation been like so far?

We’ve had a superb action from locals and guests alike. It’s been an exciting time for us as it ratings 10 times since our openness and likewise 10 times since Liverpool was crowned European Uppercase of Culture.

Our guests, especially those who visit regularly, have been tremendously impressed with the major changes to the hotel. The inn boasts a excellent spot at the Kings Waterfront in the iconic Liverpool wharves, and the new interior finishes have enhanced its already affecting credentials.

How has the refurbishment improved the situate for your guests?

It has opened up the ground floor completely, accompanying a much more airy feel, and allowing special guests to discover the incredible looks over Liverpool and towards the Royal Albert Dock. We have also been able to include a movable screen in our eatery, allowing us the flexibility to offer a much more atmospheric sphere for diners.

Can tell me more about the Oddsocks Bar& Kitchen Liverpool?

Oddsocks Bar& Kitchen Liverpool is the latest distinct dining idea from Jurys Inn, with a modern and charisma atmosphere. It offers an extensive and exciting menu, including a wide range of yummy dishes.

The menu too peculiarity a wider selection of vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options as we’ve recognized a rise in these dietary requirements. We have expanded our’ healthy’ options, peculiarity bowls and salads all under 600 calories.

If you’re after a sweetened consider, then our dessert excerpt is to die for- we’re peculiarly proud of our Oddsocks Sundaes that come in banofee, chocolate brownie s’mores or fresh fruit and sorbet flavors.

Can you tell me about the refurbished meeting rooms? How have they been improved for attendees?

Jurys Inn Liverpool’s 10 newly refurbished meeting rooms are excellent for neighbourhood businesses and incidents. Our chambers can accommodate up to 100 delegates is ideal for small to medium sized engagements, practise, interviews and focus radicals. All of our meeting rooms are now given with LCD projectors and screens, changeable modular furniture, air conditioning, natural dawn and high speed WiFi. We likewise have a dedicated comfortable breakout arena with splendid metropoli expressed the belief that representatives can utilise for coffee breaks and lunches.

Has any employ been done on the lavatories? If so tell me about “whats being” refreshed?

Each of our comfortable lavatories includes newly refurbished fixtures and accommodations, designed with our guests comfort in mind. Ended with complimentary toiletries, each luminou lavatory has been fitted with a brand-new bath and shower, washbasin and huge side-lit mirror.

What is your favourite position of development projects?

Definitely the new Oddsocks Bar& Kitchen because it’s fresh and completely different to our previous food and liquid offering.

Can you tell me about any difficulties you faced while redesigned the asset?

The extent of existing storey to ceiling glazing initiated challenges with acoustics, solar heat increase and restricted possible options for situating USB charging places in otherwise ideal place. This was all take place within to accounting when the project began and is greater an issue.

What are your plans for future refurbishment handiwork?

We’re very happy with the seem and feel of the hotel following our major renovation so there are no schemes at present to carry out any further work.

What would you like to see implemented into to the hotel if coin is no doubt whatsoever?

We’re lucky enough to be in a super location beside the Echo Arena, the Royal Albert Dock, and the River Mersey. If fund were no object I’d maximise the fanciful ideas we have by offering a rooftop bar.

Tell me about how its own budget was worked?

The budget for the public country refurbishment was set a ethic which allowed for the delivery of a modern layout that was functional, durable and classic. The fund was too used for brand specific elements including an’ Off the Shelf’ convenience lobby shop stocking snacks, boozes and pas necessities, and a connectivity province which is a communal gap for clients to manipulate remotely. The budget also allowed for the hearth feature in the lobby and the facet illuminating throughout the public spaces.

Is there anything you prefer from the old-fashioned intend?

No not at all, clients and team are all delighted with the new scheme perception and it has brought a breath of fresh air to Jurys Inn Liverpool.

This article first appeared in the October 2018 issue of Hotel Owner

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