This time last year my doctor told me that I could be my goal weight within a year. Well, that didn’t happen, but I learned a lot and am determined to keep the momentum going.

So let's jump in. SW: 232 CW: 222 GW: 150 Female Height: 5'7"

I really had my first downward movement in weight about a year ago. My doctor gave me a metabolism test and my recommend intake was 1800 calories, surprisingly way more than I was eating on a good day before. So I followed my doctors meal plan, ate some healthy snacks every day, cut out dairy and gluten, and really increased my protein. I started walking on my work breaks every day and one day on the weekend. I was down 14 pounds in a few months. 218. My lowest adult weight. My doctor told me if I kept up the same pace that I could be my goal weight in a year, by my 26th birthday.

This goal became pretty important to me. I have a myriad of health issues that certainly made things difficult. My weight took a back seat for many years. Eventually, I found good doctors and treatment plans that got me on track medically. It was finally time. My weight hurt my knees just walking. I kept adding Xs every time I went shopping. I was mentally ready. Others parts of my life were coming together too, so I idealized hitting my goal before my early twenties were gone.

Well, life happens and my grandfather passed away two months later. This put a stop to all my hard work. I was pretty depressed for a few months. I was eating out a lot and stopped walking. I tried to keep counting calories. I lied to myself for a while, pretending that I was making healthy choices. But you can't hide the fact that 1800 calories of restaurant food is filled with way more fat than meat and veggies from home. I made it all the way to my start weight, gained back every pound.

That next trip to the doctor was humiliating, so I was determined to get back on track. I started with a chore a day to get momentum. My house was a wreck so this helped me get moving and get things cleaned. I started meal prepping. I kept walking on my work breaks. I got a Fitbit that reminds me to be active and challenges me. I also set limits for myself so I don't push to hard and cause more issues with all my health problems. Doctor says no stairs or more than 3 mile walks for now. I ensure I'm in bed 8 hours before my alarm every day and get plenty of water.

I'm down 10 pounds. & I am so proud. They seem to mean more after the rebound and I will keep this going. I went on vacation this weekend and didn't cheat once! I realize now that the long game is more about maintenance. Even if I reach my goal weight quickly, I have to be disciplined enough to stay there. Slow and steady wins the race this time. I like the sound of goal weight by twenty-eight, but I don't want to put another deadline on my success.

My goal is to make every day better than the one before it. I'm creating habits to make healthy choices. If I keep improving, the results will fall into place eventually. I know I can do it. I've done it once before. Anyway, this sub is always so supportive and motivating. Thanks for reading my rant. Healthy wishes to you!

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